Visiting the Courthouse

1. When visiting our facilities, the following procedures will take place prior to entry:

   -Before walking through the magnetometer all visitors (excluding employees) are required to remove their belts, empty all of their pockets, remove sunglasses and hats and put the items into the bin.
   -If you have any medical devices that are likely to activate the metal detectors, please make the staff aware prior to proceeding through the scanner.
   -If the magnetometer signals a detection near the visitor’s feet the visitor will be told to have a seat and remove their shoes/boots. The deputy will look inside the shoes/boots and then have the visitor turn the shoes/boots upside down and shake them before putting them back on.

1. Items restricted from entry into the facilities include the following, but are not limited to:
   -any weapons
   -knives of any size
   -edible items
   -containers with any liquids

The general public is not allowed to bring any beverage/beverage container and or food into the building with them.

  1. If restricted items are found, the individual will be advised and notified that the item(s) will not be allowed past the checkpoint.
  2. Personnel may also direct the individual to return the item to their vehicle prior to proceeding past the checkpoint, provided that the item is not illegal.
  3. No items will be held by checkpoint personnel.
    We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work hard to ensure the safety of all who visit our facilities.