Lands Available for Taxes

“Amount to Purchase” includes Delinquent Taxes, Recording Fees & Doc Stamps.

Purchase amount will change the first business day of each month to include additional interest on taxes due.

Annually if additional taxes are due the "Amount to Purchase" will increase to reflect these costs.

*If property is not purchased, Three years after the day the land was offered for public sale, the land shall escheat to the county in which it is located, free and clear. (F.S 197.502(8))

Tax Deed Department can be reached at 941-741-4058.

Case Number / Date Owner(s) Parcel ID Auction Date Escheatment Date Amount to Purchase
2016TD000024AX / 09/20/2016 CLIFTON J. MARTIN JR., ACRES PROP LLC., TRUST NO.600 DATED 6 26 2009, UNK SPOUSE IF ANY OF CLIFTON J. MARTIN JR. 4744800105 06/20/2016 06/20/2019 $24,588.57
2017TD000209AX/03/11/2018 VILLAGES OF AVIGNON CDD 775100119 12/11/2017 12/11/2020 $1,182,773.95
2017TD000226AX/04/08/2018 JUNO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 4388000004 1/8/2018 1/8/2021 $15,232.34
2017TD000227AX/03/11/2018 HENRY GRAUF and FOY GRAUF 5886800109 12/11/2017 12/11/2020 $4,215.16
2018TD000107 JERROLD CAMP 5751700005 8/13/2018 8/13/2021 $60,069.83