Juror Parking

Please park at one of the following locations:

    1. The parking garage located at 615 12th Street West.
    2. The downtown Post Office parking lot located at 824 Manatee Avenue West.

View the parking map below.

  • You do NOT need to put monies into the parking meters at the listed locations. You will place the parking permit you received in your jury summons packet on the dashboard of your car.
  •  These are the only locations where the parking permit is valid.
  •  Do not back into any parking spaces.

Contact Jury Duty
Fax: 941-749-7103
Supervisor: Amanda Nelson
Supervisor Title: Supervisor
Mailing Address
Attn: Jury Duty
P.O. Box 25400
Bradenton, FL 34206
Physical Address
1051 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205