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Explore how the current of time has shaped the face of Florida and its almost forgotten past. The history of the fishing industry has made Florida what it is today. We share these meaningful stories through the lens of the Cortez Commercial Fishing Village. This lens offers a fresh perspective on the time periods of Florida's maritime past.

Nestled within the fishing village of Cortez, the museum offers a snapshot of old Florida. We dedicate ourselves to this history by collecting, preserving and sharing traditional knowledge, cultural artifacts and personal stories specific to Florida's fishing and maritime heritage.

Our main building, the 1912 Cortez Rural Graded Schoolhouse, houses exhibits. Boat models, tools, and other fishing equipment tell a story of Florida's rich maritime history. The remaining grounds offer views of native species as well as four other structures that all add to our story.

The museum provides fun educational programs for all audiences, and our folk school offers many hands-on classes to learn and preserve classic skills. And, a small library offers a variety of books and archival material for research on maritime subjects with special emphases on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Official Website: http://floridamaritimemuseum.org/


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