Manatee Clerk of Court Teams Up With School District to Educate Students about Career Opportunities

The Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller’s Office is helping educate high school students about career opportunities at the Clerk’s Office by creating a new video.  In the past, representatives from the Clerk’s Office would visit different school campuses and events to discuss the different opportunities available for recently graduated high school students.  Due to Covid-19, in person interaction is not possible at this time.  To make sure students didn’t miss out on learning about all of the job and career possibilities, the Clerk’s Office made a video to share with students in the classroom.

“The Adult, Career and Technical Education (ACT) Department works hard to help students get to their next step,” said Kelli Kennedy, Assistant Director at the Career and Technical Education Department at the School District of Manatee County.  “Whether it’s further education or the workforce, we want to make sure students are informed of the great opportunities that are available right here in Manatee County.  We are very excited that the Clerk’s Office reached out with this idea, and we are working to make this the first in a series of videos about the career and education possibilities in our county.”

Kennedy said the video was distributed via e-mail to all Career and Technical Education teachers at middle and high schools throughout the district.  Teachers have been encouraged to show the video in class and on the morning announcements.

Manatee Clerk Angel Colonneso said the Clerk’s Office has numerous opportunities for high school seniors and newly graduated high school students.  Full-time positions are available to those who do not plan on going to college, those taking a break from college or even those interested in going to school and working at the same time.  Part-time positions are also available to high school seniors.  “I like to tell people that this is your own technical institute,” said Colonneso. “If you learn from the ground up, you can move up in this office and grow with this office.  Or, if you’re interested in a legal background, you can work part time through college and get your degree and move on.  There’s nothing saying you can’t come back.  I did.”  Clerk Colonneso started at the Clerk’s Office fresh out of high school, stayed while going through college, went away to law school, came back to the Clerk’s Office and then worked her way to the top!  She’s hoping her story and the Clerk’s Office’s new video, encourages our youth in the community to pursue a career at the Clerk’s Office.

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