Electronically Certify Official Records Online

The Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller has partnered with TrieData to offer the ability to electronically certify Official Records online. This new service, called Clerk e-Certify, uses advanced encryption features to produce secure, tamper-proof electronically certified copies of official records in minutes.

Traditionally, to obtain a certified copy of an Official Record required a phone call or trip into the Clerk’s office to have a paper copy certified, stamped, and delivered. The public can now access this new online service by going to our Official Records search page and searching now. Simply locate the Official Record you are looking for and once the image of the document appears, click on the “Purchase Certified Copy from E-Certify” button at the top to begin the process.

To learn more, go over to https://www.manateeclerk.com/departments/general-information/e-certify/ for more information.

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