TurboCourt - Do it Yourself

The Manatee Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller is happy offer the TurboCourt (Do It Yourself) service.  This on-line service assists individuals in preparing and filing court cases in Manatee County.

By using TurboCourt (Do It Yourself), self-represented litigants will be guided through the process of creating online forms for filing through a series of personalized questions.  “I am so pleased to bring this filing option to our citizens who act as pro se litigants when they file a case included on the Florida Supreme Court approved case types for this service,” said Angel Colonneso, Manatee Clerk of the Circuit Court.”  The new service helps make the task of filling out complex forms easier to understand by offering a convenient method for preparing forms, petitions, and other court documents.    

Currently, the TurboCourt service can help guide you through the following case types:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  At this time, this is an interview and print service only.  This process does not file your case electronically.  You will need to print or save your completed forms and file them with the Clerk’s office with the appropriate filing fees in person or through the Florida Courts eFiling Portal.  While there are no fees to create or file a Domestic Violence petition, there are costs associated with creating and filing documents for other case types.  TurboCourt convenience fees do apply and are separate from the Clerk’s filing fees.