Pursuing dreams of a higher education

Shanice Graduation PhotoFor Shanice Mays, earning her master’s degree in criminal justice administration while serving the public as an employee in the criminal fines department went hand in hand. Working a full-time position while pursuing dreams of a higher education may seem daunting to some, but to Shanice, it was yet another opportunity to prove that she could do it.

Shanice received her bachelor’s degree and started the journey towards earning her master’s degree before becoming employed with the Manatee County Clerk’s Office. She has worked in her current role for the past two years and credits a supportive team and time management as keys to her success. “Although school was stressful and never ending at times, it all worked out in the end," she said. "I knew what needed to be done at work, and when work was done, I knew I needed to focus on school.”

Entering college as soon as she graduated high school was another important decision for Shanice, who realized that if she didn’t complete her studies while she was young, it would be more difficult to accomplish in later years.

“Shanice is a very conscientious employee and has excellent customer service skills,” says Angel Colonneso, Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court. “I am very proud of Shanice’s accomplishment in earning her master’s degree, and her colleagues were very happy for and proud of Shanice as well.”

Shanice describes the feeling of earning her master’s degree as one of happiness, relief and joy. She doesn’t have a specific plan for what’s next - other than celebrating and enjoying her life and accomplishments while continuing to serve the public through her role at the clerk’s office.

Congratulations to Shanice on her amazing accomplishment!