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At the Manatee County Agricultural Museum, you will explore five rooms featuring the County's primary commodities including Livestock, Vegetables, Citrus, Horticulture, and Commercial Fishing. Each room houses tools, equipment, photographs and exhibits that reflect the area's rich heritage. Local farmers and interested citizens have contributed many of the artifacts that are contained in the museum.

In addition to the commodity areas, the museum is also home to a library containing books and research materials, a farm shop and a garage where a restored 1925 Model T pick-up truck is displayed, the barn, where larger pieces of farm equipment are on exhibit and the William and Marie Selby Foundation Community Education Room, where programming and film viewing takes place.

Commercial Fishing Gear
A Tribute to the role of
commercial fishing.

Pesticide Sprayers
Three methods of spraying pesticides
included a duster, Vowell sprayer, and
knapsack sprayer.

Fanning Mill & Silo Filler
This is a Fanning Mill & Silo Filler used
in East Bradenton.

Tomatoe Exhibit
Tomatoes have long been an important
Manatee County crop.