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About Us

Preserving the past and a way of life!

Due to Manatee County's growth, urban development is rapidly replacing the rich agricultural lands so plentiful in the early half of the 20th century. Tourism is promoted as the number one industry in Manatee County. As a result, our young people have little knowledge concerning the prominent and historical role agriculture played in the development of their home county. The Manatee County Agricultural Museum works to combine recognizing the historical achievements of our pioneer farmers with a hands-on museum designed to educate as well as entertain tourists and residents alike.

Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame

A permanent exhibit is the Hall of Fame, which features portraits and accomplishments of distinguished agriculturists honored in Manatee County from 1967 to the present. From pioneer farmers to teachers, and from authors to cowboys, two individuals are voted into the Hall of Fame each year.

MemorialHall of Fame Portraits

Fun For All Ages!

Admission is free, so while Mom and Dad are enjoying the museum exhibits, youngsters will appreciate the Junior Ag Spots scattered throughout the facility. Storybooks about farming, vegetable puzzles and mazes, citrus tic-tac-toe, agriculture videos and more will provide hands-on learning for children of all ages!

Childrens BookshelfCitrus tic-tac-toe