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Law Library

Located in Room 1101 on the 1st floor of the Manatee County Judicial Center, the Law Library is a book-oriented, research library containing both Florida and Federal Laws. The Law Library, set up as a Special District by the Florida Legislature, has Florida laws dating back to the 1800's and is open to the general public who wish to do their own legal research. For pro se litigants (people filing their own cases without the aid of an attorney), there are some forms available in the Law Library for duplication. A coin-operated copy machine is provided for public use and charges 20¢ per page for copies. While the Law Library is staffed with a librarian, the law librarian cannot answer any legal questions or provide any legal assistance in any matter.

WestLaw is now available for library patrons. There is no charge for using WestLaw except for making copies, which are 25¢ per page.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (941) 741-4090
Fax Number: (941) 741-4085
E-mail: James Murga Law Librarian
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