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Audit Reports Published This Year

Audit Reports are also available by calling the department or e-mail Lori Stephens. The following is a list of the audit reports issued by the department. Follow the links to view.

Current Year Audits | Previous Year Audits | All Audits

Name of Audit Report Issue Date
Beach Concessions Contracts Audit 03/16/2018
Impact Fee Expenditures Follow-Up Audit #1 03/21/2018
Animal Services Investigation Follow-up 05/25/2018
Convention & Visitors Bureau Event Accountability Follow-up Audit #2 07/17/2018
Employee Job Application Investigation 08/17/2018
Landfill Unannounced Audit of Cash Funds 09/10/2018

Audit Reports After 1995

Audit Reports Prior to 1995